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How to Be an Intentional Partner with Phil Treadwell

January 28, 2021

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Do you know what it means to build out intentional time for your work and your life? Are you struggling with navigating both and need some advice?

In this episode, Phil Treadwell and I chat all about this topic and how he manages being an intentional partner and a successful entrepreneur.

Phil is a 16-year mortgage industry veteran and currently serves as National Director of Sales Innovation & Strategy for Thrive Mortgage.  He is the Founder & Host of the Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast, where he interviews expert guests who share firsthand tips & advice to help mortgage professionals build their business.  Phil is also the Co-Founder of Industry Syndicate, the real estate & mortgage industry’s first podcast network.

He was recently named one of National Mortgage Professional Magazine’s “40 Most Influential Mortgage Professionals Under 40” & one of the Yahoo! Finance “Top 20 Mortgage Professionals in 2020”.

On Today’s Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • If work-life balance is a myth or not
  • What it means to build intentional time
  • Why you need to know your partner's love language and communicate style
  • How to navigate marriage with the riskiness of entrepreneurship
  • The importance of being a partner and having a partner

I hope that you will listen in and implement some of the insightful advice that Phil gives us on how to navigate life as a married entrepreneur.


P.s. Don’t forget to take the Thrive Life Inventory quiz to take a look at where you're currently at in 10 Thrive Life Domains. This is your first step toward an immensely fruitful life!


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