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“Vulnerability” is a buzzword that you hear fairly commonly these days. So why is it so important in building a business or nurturing a relationship? It can add a level of depth and connection that is difficult to reach without being vulnerable.

We’re Back! An Off the Cuff Life Update (From Our Car!)


This week’s episode will be a replay of one of the fan-favorite episodes! I will be talking about the nine transformations you want (and need!) to have in your marriage. Some of these things might be going well for you and your spouse, while some of the others might need some serious work.

Best of Replay: 9 Transformations You Want (and Need) to Have in Your Marriage


Does work somehow keep getting in the way of your marriage? If you, your spouse, or even both of you are high-achieving professionals, that can put a lot of pressure on your relationship, often in ways you don’t even notice!

10 Problem Areas for High-Achieving Couples and What to Do About Them