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Let’s face it, the voice of a parent is powerful to a child. Their beliefs can become our beliefs very easily. Children are impressionable; they are learning day by day based on their experiences and exposures in this world. Holding the beliefs of a parent comes naturally; they are deeply ingrained in who we are.

Powerful Voices



Perfectionism can be a complete relationship killer. And unfortunately, it is also very common. I counsel many couples in my practice that deal with a pattern of perfectionism in their relationship and as much as I hate to admit, I’ve also dealt with it in my own marriage.

Tips to Safeguard Your Marriage From Perfectionism


Are you tired of arguing with your spouse and getting nowhere? Feeling like you’re never on the same page? If you and your spouse have different marital styles, those are going to be at the root of ALL your disagreements. Never heard of marital styles? Perfect! Then let’s get to work. I want to teach you how understanding your marital styles can strengthen your marriage and prevent unnecessary conflict.

Negotiating Your Marital Style: How to Prevent Conflict and Improve Communication