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10 Problem Areas for High-Achieving Couples and What to Do About Them

August 21, 2020

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Does work somehow keep getting in the way of your marriage? If you, your spouse, or even both of you are high-achieving professionals, that can put a lot of pressure on your relationship, often in ways you don’t even notice!

Tune in to learn the 10 areas that create problems in marriage for high-achieving couples, and how to approach each one head-on so that you can be sure they aren’t causing lasting damage to your relationship. By the end of this episode you’ll be ready to make your marriage stronger than ever, without sacrificing your career!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The 10 areas that create problems in marriage for high-achieving couples
  • Why you shouldn’t communicate with your spouse the same way you communicate at work
  • The number one reason for divorce, and how to overcome it
  • How to NOT leave your spouse feeling like a single parent
  • How to avoid living like married roommates

Being a high-achieving couple is an amazing thing, and something that you should be proud of, never something that is tearing you down. Take the time to really think about each of the 10 areas we’ve discussed today and how you can improve them in your own marriage. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later.

If you are an entrepreneur, a high-achieving professional, or a spouse of one, then my exclusive group is specifically for you! Head over to Facebook and join Marriage Sparks.

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“If we want our marriage to succeed, we have to communicate. And not only do we have to communicate, we have to communicate differently. We can't communicate the same way we do at work.”

“If finances are the number one cited reason for divorce, you've got to make sure that you're on the same page.”

“Entrepreneurs and high achieving professionals are often married to their phones.”


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